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SOLD OUT - Cacao & Healing Ceremony

  • Mitra Sankt Knuds Vej 36, 2. sal Frederiksberg Denmark (map)


We invite you to join us for a very special Cacao Ceremony, guided by songs and prayers to awaken our hearts and souls.

GreenDream (Lea Thorning) and TrineMai will share their beautiful music with us, along with a sound journey and mantra songs where you are invited to sing along.

The Cacao we will serve is of the highest quality ceremonial grade Cacao from Guatemala, sourced and produced specifically for Ceremonies.


β˜• About Ceremonial Cacao:
Cacao in its pure form is an ancient and sacred medicine that has been used for ritual purpose for millennia by ancient cultures.
Having travelled to our part of the world in the recent years, we have only seen the beginning, and have yet to discover the profoundness of the gifts that Cacao has to offer.

It is our deepest intention that this evening may provide you with the opportunity to get to know this beautiful medicine, and discover her unique gifts.

There is an old saying that when the world goes out of balance, Cacao will emerge from the jungle to help bring the world back into harmony.
The spirit of Cacao works her magic by reminding us of who and what we truly are, and why we are here.
She is the perfect medicine for these times of chaos and awakening on our planet.

For any questions about Ceremonial Cacao please contact Christina Sophia


🌎 The Ceremony is for everyone
Come as you are, and be you. This is for everyone who wants to spend the evening in a peaceful space and experience a deeper connection to their heart and body.


Practical Info:

🍽️ Preparation:
- Come hydrated (so the Cacao and healing can flow nicely in your system)
- Come on an empty stomach (eat you last meal at least 2 hrs before)
- If you wish to get the maximum benefit of the Cacao, eat clean on the day(s) before.

πŸŽ’ Bring:
- Your favourite cup
- A cushion and blanket/shawl
- Comfortable clothing

🏠 Location:
Sankt Knuds Vej 36, 2. sal (klink Mitra)

πŸ•°οΈ Time:
(Doors open at 19.00)

πŸ’Œ Tickets:
Price: 254,-
(Ticket policy: Your registration is final, if you are unable to make it, you are welcome to pass your ticket on to another lucky being)

🌎 We support our Mother Earth.
With every cup of Cacao served, 1m2 of rainforest is preserved.🌴


Your hosts this evening:

🍫 Christina Sophia // Love by Gaia
Christina has been working with Ceremonial Cacao since 2013, and has developed a deep and loving relationship with the Cacao Spirit.
Love by Gaia was born out of a wish to focus more deeply on uncovering and sharing the mysteries of Cacao, and to share her gifts with the world, while paying deeper respect to our Mother Earth.
Ceremonial Cacao, Cacao Ceremonies and healingmassage:

🌸 TrineMai // Ladies Affair
TrineMai shares joy, healing and love through her songs.
Her music is easy, light, peaceful - straight from her heart. Her voice is very simple and clean, her lyrics as well, and infused with a deep knowing of the awakening and paradigm shift that is happening on earth RIGHT HERE, RIGHT now.

Check out her music:
My guitar is my healer

TrineMai is also the founder of Ladies Affair; a community of women that facilitate Circles, Ceremonies and Retreats.
Ladies Affair holds the vision is to guide you into a deeper connection with the body and everything it holds, both darkness, light, wounds, vulnerability, power and joy.

🌿 Lea Thorning // GreenDream
Builds bridges between Heaven and Earth, and such is the name of her most recent album; β€œHeaven-Earth connection”.

GreenDream has travelled a lot throughout the years, sharing her music in both East and West, North and South, in countries like Guatemala, Colombia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Iceland, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden, receiving much of her inspiration through Nature.
GreenDream is currently working on finishing her 3rd album, and the previous two CD’s will be available this evening for a special offer - two for 150,- ( 1 for 100,-)

Come and let yourself be guided by the presence and love in Lea’s voice.

- You can listen to GreenDream on bandcamp :

- Or check out these videos:
Woman Wise:


Come as you are,
Let’s come together and awaken! πŸŒ±πŸ’•