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Cacao & Concert

  • ShantiRoom 5 Lavendelstræde København, 1462 Denmark (map)


We are excited and happy to present the second Cacao & Concert!

💥Cacao & Concert is a new ceremonial concept and beautiful co-creation between Nature Tales, Love by Gaia and Ladies Affair.

💫 We wish for 2019 to be full of peace, love, joy and laughter. We want to soften, let go, grow wiser and get lighter.

🔮 Our Vision
Set in a safe community space, while lovingly guided by the Cacao Spirit, we will dive into a journey through live music, mantra singing and sound scapes.

Every concert will be for healing presence and opening to the Love and Magic that we are. Both darkness and light, wounds and joy.

🌚 This is the night, This is you.
Bring your body and heart with all you've got inside,
enjoy in peace, and come with us for a Magic ride..

🌎 The Ceremony is for everyone.
Come as you are, and be you.
This is for everyone who wants to spend the evening in a peaceful space and experience a deeper connection to their heart and body.

👉 limited Number of tickets (save one for your heart)



18.30: Settling in with beautiful sounds
19.00: Cacao is served (sharing of intentions)
19.30: Mantra singing (connecting with heart & body)
20.30: Soundhealing & Concert (Nature Tales & TrineMai)
lean back, relax, enjoy.
22.00: Come back, eat a snack (sharing/closing circle)
22:30 Goodbye and goodnight 💤

👻 The schedule might be subject to change
We will be entering a timeless space.. When you go with the flow, and let your heart glow, you never know what will show..

🐢 The Space
Is slow, relaxing, soft, quiet and peaceful, no loud talking or shouting during the evening

🎶 The Mantra singing
When singing we connect to our hearts and souls, and we expand the vibration of Love. We sing mostly in English, Sanskrit and Danish. The singing is accompanied by guitar and easy drumming. Sing along or lean back and listen. Follow your flow.

Some mantras could be:
- All seeing eye
- Ganesha Sharanam
- Idé Were Were
- Alt er vel (all is well)
- Sound of Water
- Jaya Bhagavan name it


☕ Cacao
Cacao is a gentle and subtle plant medicine and spirit.
She acts as a spiritual connecter, connecting us to ourselves, each other and the wonders of the universe. She is the medicine of Love, opening our hearts and letting love flow.

The Cacao we will be drinking is pure Ceremonial grade Cacao from the Satipo region in Peru, lovingly grown by the Ashaninkan people.

Love by Gaia supports our Mother Earth.
With every cup of Cacao served, 1m2 of rainforest is preserved.🌴


🔥 Concert and Soundhealing 🔥

🍃 Ishtadi & Respira
Join along for a mystical ride down the subconscious rabbit hole, when they are meditatively dancing & merging their universes of sound together.

They colorfully intertwine musical tapestries, rich with emotions, recordings of nature, organic electronic soundscapes while playing instruments like; Ngoni, Didgeridoo, Flutes, Guitar, Bells, Percussion & Singing.

An Ethno-Ambient full body journey and a contrast between the conscious depths & the light realms.

🌸 Trinemai Lavina
Lean back and enjoy the easy, light, peaceful and healing songs from the heart of TrineMai. Her voice is very simple and clean, the lyrics as well. Though with a knowing about the awakening and paradigm shift that is happening on earth RIGHT HERE RIGHT now.

Some of the songs are in English others in Eanish, lean back or sing along to the chorus which is often like mantras.

- Listen to the silence
- Dear beloved man
- Don't you worry woman
- Vi vågner op i en ny tid
- The Earth is glowing
- Wonderland of love
- Hjertesang (heartsong)
AND SO ON... :) 🎶🎶🎶

My guitar is my healer


✌ KeyWords ✌
Peace - Heart Opening - Sound Journey - Lean Back - Vulnerability - Laughter - Love - Connection - Meditation - Breaaaaaathing - Joy - Healing - Flow


😎 Get your feet on the ground
and stop looking around
'cuz the biggest love
is not around or above
Ohhh so TRUE
if you're doubt
then go and check it out ✌🙏



Price: 254,-
*Includes Ceremonial Cacao and a snack*
Tickets are limited, get yours here:
(Ticket policy: Your registration is final, if you are unable to make it, you are welcome to pass your ticket on to another lucky being)

A magic space; Shantiroom, Lavendelstræde 5, 3. sal

Doors open 18.15

Think about leaving your phone at home, or turn it off completely during the Ceremony.

- Your favourite blanket
- Your favourite pillow
- Your favourite cup
- We recommend wearing soft and cosy clothes, for maximum comfort and pleasure

Drink lots of water before, and try to eat your last meal at least 2 hours before the Ceremony.
Cacao flows nicely in your body when you haven't been eating too much.

------- WHO ARE WE ------

🌿 Nature Tales
We're a community & production company that organize spaces, circles, ceremonies, workshops, parties & festivals that promotes a more conscious and wholesome way of being, through creating environments that facilitate the connection to our personal Natures.

🍫 Love by Gaia
Working with Ceremonial Cacao since 2013, Christina has developed a deep and loving relationship with the Cacao Spirit.
Love by Gaia was born of a wish to focus more deeply on Cacao, and to share her love and wisdom with the world, and to pay deeper respect to our Mother Earth.
Ceremonial Cacao, Cacao Ceremonies and healingmassage:

🌸 Ladies Affair
A community of women that holds Circles, Ceremonies and Retreats. Our vision is to guide you into a deeper connection with the body and everything it holds, both darkness, light, wounds, vulnerability, power and joy. . Some of our events and Ceremonies are for women only like "Kvinder & Kakao" and others are for both men and women, like "Cacao & Concert.

👉 Let go with the flow
and enjoy the show 👈

Love & Joy from us
Jakob, TrineMai, Christina, Markus & Lukas

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