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An Evening of Devotional Song & Cacao

  • Be Moved 2 Suomisvej Frederiksberg, 1927 Denmark (map)

An Evening of Devotional Song & Cacao
with Christina and Jackson & Marilena

***Event description:

We will start our journey together by doing some simple breathing & movement exercises to open up our bodies and voices. 
From there on out we will collectively raise our cups and drink the Cacao. 
And then.. we sing!

Please note that no previous experience of singing or chanting is required for this practice to be beneficial in your life. This is not about sounding good (although that definitely can be a side effect). It is more so about raising our consciousness to a deeper and more profound level of awareness.

We will do most of this chanting in the form of Kirtan.
For those of us who are not familiar with Kirtan; it is in short a musical, devotional form of collective prayer that originated in India, usually sung in a call and response fashion.
Hand in hand with the Cacao, this practice is an excellent way to deepen our connection with sound, ourselves, each other and life itself. 

We will round off the evening with a guided relaxation, to integrate the practice and take it home with us. 

***About the Cacao:

The Cacao that we will be offering this evening is of the highest ceremonial grade. The Mayans would call it ‘Heart Blood’. A fitting name, as this plant has the ability to:

- open up our hearts so we feel more connected to ourselves and others
- help us feel & release tension, emotions or blockages that might be stuck in the body
- dose us up with a healthy amount of serotonin, magnesium and iron amongst a whole other list of beneficial components that make us feel good!
- enhance the creative process in our daily practice, wether that be yoga, meditation, art, etc. 


* Note that there are not enough cups available at the space, so please bring your own favorite cacao-cup to the venue!
* Cacao can have a dehydrating effect on the body, so we recommend that you bring a (small) bottle of water for staying happy & hydrated.
* Please bring your own pillow / cushion / sheep / blanket to the venue so you can sit or lie comfortably throughout the evening.

Cost: 250kr
Address: Suomisvej 2, Frederiksberg
Doors open at: 19:50
Booking: Please purchase your place in advance through the following link to guarantee a spot;

***About Christina:

Christina (DK) is a healer at heart and deeply dedicated to her work with the Spirit of Cacao. She facilitates ceremonies in Copenhagen, and sells ceremonial grade Cacao to those who wish to deepen their relationship with the sacred medicine.
She also offers healingmassage sessions at SALIG.

***About Jackson & Marilena: 

Jackson (AUS) and Marilena (NL) are currently traveling the world, sharing devotional music with anyone who feels the calling to sink deeper into the silence of the heart. Together they have discovered the beauty and powerful transformation that devotional song brings into their lives and that of others. 

They are currently working on recording a mantra album of their own, and have already released an album called Found in Love, which is available on bandcamp through the following link:

Instagram & Facebook: